Ready to design a life you love, in a place you belong? 

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2. Move to a new location.

1.Learn how to feel more connected to your current town.   

The solution?
Establishing Yourself!

The Problem?
Too many people hate where they live but don't know what to do about it.

3. Just moved to a new city? Learn how to establish yourself there. 

Life is constantly changing. You can’t always control where you live, how long you will live there, or when you will move next.

But you can CHOOSE to love where you live. You can create a strategy for where you live now and where will live in the future that is unique to your own personal needs, preferences, and life stage.

This is the art of Establishing Yourself! Choose Where to Live,™ is here to help you create your own personalized Established Strategy to design a life you love, in a place you belong!

 Let us teach you how to ESTABLISH YOURSELF!

The Newcomer:

You have just moved to a new location and want to feel established there.

The Mover:

You are ready to move to a new location but don’t know where to begin. 

The Thinker:

You are trying to decide if it’s a good time for you to move to a new city or town.

The Stuck:

 You hate where you live but feel stuck there. 

Our clients fall into one of the four categories. Scroll over the photos and click on the one that most closely aligns to you!

Our clients fall into one of the four categories below. Click on the one that most closely aligns to you!

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you are!

-Charlie C.

"This was pretty cool. Brit thought of so many things I never had. Who knew that choosing where to live had so many components."

-Hannah S.

"As a newly married couple who had no idea where we wanted to live, my husband and I had a great time working with Brit. There were so many aspects we had not even considered! We learned a lot about each other and what we wanted through this process."

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